Passion for Life

Passion for Life- Passion for Real Estate!

Laura Hoffman came from a diverse background before building a successful Real Estate Company.  Her work ethic is unparalleled, which is why she has excelled in all types of Real Estate markets.  When the market changes, strategies change and success follows. 

In December 2000, she learned some amazing personal strategies from Peak Performance Coach Tony Robbins. It was at that event that learned life changing strategies and stormed over hot coals for their very first Firewalk.  Since that Firewalk in 2000, Laura travels a few times every year to work at Tony Robbins Live events around the Country. “It is an exhilarating atmosphere and it is inspiring to watch others walk on fire for the very first time”.  The firewalk is simply a metaphor, anything is possible with a dream and a desire to make it happen.

With a passion for animals & a passion for life Laura devotes many volunteer hours to the Suncoast Animal League, helping to organize Fund Raising Events for the shelter, speaking at schools & public events & occasionally fostering a pet in need.  She even assisted in a rescue that involved 121 dogs at a local in-humane Puppy Mill.

In January 2010, she completed a 10 day Cycling Journey to raise Spay and Neuter awareness and funds for the McKee Project in Costa Rica and the developing the nations of Central America. 

In April 2010 she went to Costa Rica to celebrate the completion of the Cycling Event and to ride the final leg in Alejuela.  The trip was an adventure of a lifetime

On November 23, 2010, Laura cycled solo across Florida to raise much needed funds and awareness for the Suncoast Animal League.  Cycling from Dogtoberfest in
Palm Harbor to Key West, Fl.

Each year since those long distance Rides, Laura has organized a local one day event to help raise much needed funds for the Local Animal Shelter.

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